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MD3003B1 Handheld Metal Detector Usage

1872016-12-24 20:35:18  Shenzhen Keene Engineering Co.Ltd

MD-3003B1 handheld metal detector has detection light warning and sound warning functions. The hand held metal detector is widely used in airport, station, wharf, prison, custom and board department places, etc.

Method of application:

1.    Press the on button and when the LED light turn green means the hand-held metal detector ready for working. Hold the body scanner and scan it around the objects, when detecting the metal, the handheld super scanner metal detector light will turn red and make alarm sound.

2.    Press the off button and green light turn out which mean the handheld full body scanner already turn off.

3.    The handheld security detector will make sound for 3-4 seconds after power on when the factory sensitivity setting is high.


1.    When the factory sensitivity is too high, the handheld security checking detector will make false alarm. What you need to do is just lower the sensitivity.

2.    Please take the battery out when you do not use the handheld security scanner for a long time.