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How Deep Under search Metal Detector Can Reach

1872016-12-24 20:33:55  Shenzhen Keene Engineering Co.Ltd

Gold metal detector adopts electro-magnetic induction working. When there is a alternating current going through the coil, there will be a magnetic field in quick change and the magnetic field will cause eddy current in the metal. Eddy current cause magnetic field and effect the first magnetic field and make the machine beep.

Metal detector gold finder detection accuracy mainly depends on the EM launcher frequency stable. Usually, long range metal detector adopts 80-800 kHz working frequency. Lower working frequency is better for testing iron. Higher working frequency is better for HCS. Gold metal detector long range detection sensitivity becomes lower for wider detection field. Pulse induction metal detection signal depends on the metal particle size and conductive performance. The larger the detection object is, the easier it’s being detected by treasure metal detector.

But how deep Chinese metal detector can reach is mainly decided by below:

First, detection objects.

All deep earth metal detector detection depth has a link with detection objects size, shape, weight. metal detector Keene MD-5008 maximum detection depth is 3.5 meter. ground metal detector Keene MD-3010II detection depth is 1.5-2.5 meters.Keene GFX7000 super gold finder metal detector is 5m depth.

Second, detection environment.

Used gold metal detector detection depth also be effected by the soils. If the soils are damp and high density or unrelated signals nearby, those all will weaken the metal signals. And another environment is underwater, Keene Engineering industrial metal detector allow them to work functionally in shallow water.