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Keene Engineering Super Gold Finder Metal Detector

1632016-12-24 19:35:45  Shenzhen Keene Engineering Co.Ltd

There are mainly two types of metal detector on the market: handheld metal detector and under search metal detector.

Metal detector is common in our life, from entertainment to work to security guarantee. Various kind of metal detectors are widely used in different places, from airport to working buildings to school to government to prison, etc. It makes sure no dangerous weapon enter these places.

But there is another type metal detector is used directly by our end common customers. It is under search gold detector, it gives millions of people a opportunity to do treasure hunting.

Keene Engineering ground searching metal detector adopts advanced technology.deep earth search metal detector has some features like wide detection area, exact position, strong discrimination and easy operation, etc.

Keene Engineering  gold metal detectors are mainly used to detector under search treasure findings. And high depth under search gold detector are also widely used in archaeology and mining.

If you are looking for cheap metal detector, china metal detector or any other metal detectors, please come to Keene Engineering metal detector and security products factory. We offer good quality metal detectors and satisfying after-sale service.

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